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Board ID Tool (ver. 1.­0.­1) PE SELF-EXTRACTING släppt 2009.06.11.

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Kategori Moderkort
Varumärke INTEL
Enhet DQ965CO
Operativsystem All Systems
Verision 1.­0.­1
Filens storlek 307 Kb
Släppt 2009.06.11
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Board ID Tool driver for INTEL DQ965CO The Intel® Board ID Tool reports if you have a branded retail Intel® Desktop Board installed in your system.­ Instructions for use: 1.­ Save this download to a folder on your system.­ 2.­ Double-click the file name to run the tool.­ If the ID Tool detects a branded retail Intel® Desktop Board,­ the resulting status window will display the board model,­ board version (AA#),­ BIOS version and operating system version.­ If the ID Tool does not detect a branded retail Intel® Desktop Board,­ the following message will display: "No Intel Desktop Board was detected in this system".­ If you get the message that an Intel desktop board was not detected,­ you likely have an OEM desktop board.­ Intel markets desktop boards into the retail channel and to various computer manufacturers known as OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).­ These OEM's may further customize the desktop boards to their own specifications.­ OEMs may also integrate the desktop boards with other system components such as a power supply,­ disk drive,­ software,­ and chassis.­ For this reason,­ Intel cannot support a desktop board distributed by an OEM.­ You should contact the OEM directly or the place where you purchased your system for support.­ The OEM or the place of purchase will be most familiar with your configuration and its integration of both hardware and software.­

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